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Hey guys!

These past few weeks I was thinking about people's personalities, about how much they can show themselves. Unfortunately, it seems clear that to be a character is hard. Not only because of being blamed, ashamed or misunderstood (for example, the 2014 Eurovision winner). A lot of people are scared to lose their masks and roles. It's much easier to be like everyone else. I guess it's a way to be a part of our society. I think it's important not only being honest with yourself but also with other people. So, I dedicate this post to all people, who are too scared being themselves. Just ignore what other people say, do or expect you doing. It is easier to be yourself when you don't feel so much pressure. There was a time when I was too scared to share my dreams and hopes with other people. I was too scared to admit some really important things to myself. I have waisted a couple of years doing nothing what I liked. I couldn't determine what I really have to do - dream or fight for it. I hope I am here, writing this post because I AM living my life as I want it to live. I want to fulfill my expectations. 
These photos inspire me finding a work path. I hope that these pictures will take you on your own way too.

I hope you liked it,
Best wishes,
(and PLEASE comment below what kind of expression this post made to you)

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