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Hello dear readers,

My sweet cousin had a small birthday party for her nuclear and extended family. This month she turned to 25 years. I can't believe how fast time moves: some years ago we were small girls who used to meet up several times in year at ours dad's village to look after our granny and usually to spent Christmas with all family together. Anyway, my cousin is an adult young woman who has a boyfriend and I am a teenager who can't live without beauty, fashion and new outfits for you guys.

When I got news that she will make small evening for her close people I couldn't stop to think what I will wear. I checked all my closet and really messed it. You won't imagine how looked my room. If you were there, you would see a dozen blouses, trousers and several dresses. Well, when I looked it through - I realized that I will wear a green dress from Mango s/s'2013 collection with simple flats and forgot about this issue.

Anyway, I had to go to a mall to buy some really relevant books for my native language. I will pass exams next year, so I made a small research of books which could help me to enter an university of my dreams. Of course, I couldn't hesitate to check several clothes shops. I wasn't really looking for something, just wanted to look around.

Zara store is always a big sweet present to me - I usually like more than half of their collections because there are a lot of clothes and shoes who are inspired by notorious brands and the most up-to trends. I saw low-cut top with side stripes matched with trousers with elastic waist accidentally - a silk blouse was hanged near black trousers in the corner of shop - nobody noticed about this really gorgeous pieces of outfit.

All in all, I bought it and have no doubts about these choice. I like this top's soft and sweet color, it can be fitable not only with trousers but with simple jeans or shorts as well. What about trousers, it was a dream of all my life - I wasn't expecting to find a trousers which I was drawn in my mind, I thought nobody will take care of my dream and make it true. I saw a lot of loose trousers lately but they looked really ugly at my legs.

P. S These flats is my new purchase too. I like them because of undemanding impression.
P. P. S Birthday party was really great even it ended so fast that I couldn't realize how it was possible.

I hope you liked my brand new outfit,
Best wishes,